Saturday, September 26, 2020

PEB Fabrication and Advantages

PEB system is applied for the construction of new and modern Industrial building structures, industrial sheds, Manufacturing Plants, warehouses, commercial buildings, etc.

Usually, PEBs are steel structures. Built-up sections are fabricated to the exact size and requirements of customers. Steel has high strength per unit mass; hence it is used in the construction of structures with large column-free space. The designing of the industrial PEB Shed warehouse includes designing of the structural elements which consist of the principal rater or roof truss, column and column base, purlins, sag rods, tie rods, gantry girder, bracings, etc.

A combination of standard hot-rolled sections, cold-formed sections, profiled sheets, steel rods, etc. are used for the construction of Industrial Pre-engineered buildings. The concept of Pre-Engineered Building involves the steel building systems which are predesigned and prefabricated. The basis of the PEB concept lies in providing the section according to the requirement at that spot.

Advantages of PEB – Pre-Engineered Buildings:

  • Construction time: PEB reduces the total construction cost which leads to faster occupancy and early revenue.
  • Lower cost: Saving is accomplished in design, manufacturing, and erection cost.
  • Large clear span: In PEB the buildings can be given up to 90m clear spans which are the important advantage of PEB with column-free space.
  • The flexibility of expansion: PEB can be easily expanded in length by adding additional bays.
  • Quality control: PEB’s are manufactured under controlled conditions depending on the site and customer requirements and hence the quality is best.
  • Low maintenance: PEB’s have high-quality paint systems for facing which gives long durability and low maintenance costs.


We are engaged in providing reliable custom-built fabrication to the clients which involved in the latest technology. We fabricate our design by utilizing a variety of materials. We give the best designs done by professional welders with certification in fabrication. Customized fabrication includes testing, rolling, punching, cutting, bending, welding. The PEB Fabrication provided by us is highly demanded in the market due to their features. The entire work is thoroughly tested on various quality parameters to ensure its safe construction. If you are looking for PEB fabrication at an affordable price with Robust quality then contact us or visit: for information.

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