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H Frame Scaffolding

H-Frames are one of the most common forms of scaffoldings. They are normally used by almost all works in the construction industry, and carpenters, electricians, a mason, painters, etc. These frames are quite convenient in use and quite economical and You can frame and reframe as per your choice and convenience. To rent/buy H-frame scaffolding in Bangalore, Contact Pondhan Scaffolding now.


What are the components of an H Frame Scaffolding?

The major components utilized in H frame scaffolding are verticals and joints that help verticals to attach with the pinpoints. With the nut and bolt, there are verticals available that join the provision.

What Are The Advantages Of Frame Scaffolding?

The advantages of these frames are as follows.

  • Its shape gives it the flexibility to be used for multiple purposes. 
  • However, within the case of H frame scaffolding, even the unskilled laborers could mantle and dismantle the whole setup and further frame and reframe it as per convenience.
  • The H frame scaffolding is extremely easy to use and further to dismantle. 
  • These days H frames are highly recommended in several fields.
  • Easy to Transport and Store
  •  Easy Maintenance
  • Faster / Efficient and Safe Erection

Key Features 

  • Rough Construction 
  • Unparalleled Quality 
  • High-Reliability 
  • Long-Life 
  • Complex Technology 
  • Affordable
  • Large capacity

Are you searching for the H Frame Scaffolding? If you need to buy/hire the best quality H Frame Scaffolding System at the best price then Pondhan Scaffolding is the best decision for you. We are one of the leading and Best H Frame Scaffolding manufacturers and suppliers in Bangalore. We offer a variety of H Frame Scaffolding that is accessible in different measurements, structures, and finishings. You can browse our wide scope of items according to your particular necessities. We guarantee to fabricate and deliver these to match your exact requirements. Reach us now. 


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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Scaffolding Cuplock System and Benefits

Are you looking for the best quality Cuplock System that meets your industrial requirements? If so then contact PonDhan Scaffolding and get High-Quality Cuplock System at an affordable price. PonDhan Scaffolding is one of the leading Scaffolding manufacturers and suppliers in India, Bangalore. The Cuplock Systems are highly secured solutions for construction, demolition, and maintenance packages.

It is made from the best quality metal that ought to have high tensile strength as well as durability. These are used in a variety of industries and are put to various industrial applications.

What is Cuplock System?

The Cuplock Ccaffolding system is widely used all over the world. Because of its exclusive locking mechanism, it is very easy to set up a system that is fast and economical, therefore it so popular these days. It is a fully galvanized system that serves various purposes and has been chosen by constructors and builders for most complex projects. The Cuplock Scaffolding system is a type of modular or systems scaffolding that consists mainly of pre-engineered horizontal and vertical components that combine systematically to present its users with a temporary structure that proves highly useful in construction projects of the modern world. It is a locking device that is made from metal and has two cups. These systems are light weighted materials but come with heavy load carrying capacities this is one of the main reasons why it is very useful and everyone loves to use them in the construction Industry. They are used in different industries for various applications as in maintenance and demolition projects. The cuplock has dimensional accuracy and renders a highly rigid clamping action that makes the entire process safe, secure, and extremely durable. Further, they are available in various specifications as per the needs and requirements of the customers.                                            

Benefits of Cuplock System

  • These are quite easy to install and offer desirable sturdiness.
  • Easy installation as they use minimal wedge connectors or loose fittings.
  • These are standard horizontals that are used as guardrails, transoms, and ledgers.
  • The clock system is lifted once then the entire structure resting on it automatically gets lifted.
  • These are easy and faster to erect.
  • Simple maintenance, easy transportation.
  • Reduce the intensity of labor, assembly, and disassembly with high efficiency.
  • Cuplock scaffold group frame, flexible situation, wide application.
  • Widely and Versatile use in construction, demolition, or maintenance projects for any type of structure i.e. straight or curved.
  • Lightweight but high loads carrying capacity.                                             

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Saturday, December 26, 2020


The efficiency and quality of every construction depend to a large extent on the equipment you use. Present-day scaffolding fittings and accessories provide excellent support to the workers while they’re carrying out their work in any of the commercial spaces. They are used around commercial & business areas, and residential areas. If you are looking for the Best scaffolding in India, Bangalore, Contact Pondhan Scaffolding.

Scaffolding Accessories

Scaffolding fittings comprise of different types and designs so that they can be effortlessly installed in any of the application areas. They provide efficiency and safety for construction sites to ensure workers have proper access to ways and structures to complete their work. They help minimize risks, maximize efficiency and shorten construction time. Pondhan Scaffolding is a leading suppliers of Scaffolding Accessories based in Bangalore. Wide range of Scaffolding Fitting Accessories supplied by us includes couplers, swivel Couplers, Top Couplers, Universal Clamp, Adjustable Spans, Centering Plates etc. All scaffolding fitting items are made using finest quality cast iron materials to ensure high strength for heavy duty and durability. Additionally, these items are available in different sizes and weights and are also customized as per client's requirement.


1) It enables easy access

2) Provides the perfect balance

3) It Ensures safety

4) Boosts productivity

5) Offers easy assembly & dismantling

6) Lasts for a long time

7) Improves the efficiency of the work

You could be a construction firm building large commercial structures or a small builder constructing homes, scaffolding is a must and makes life easy for you. While choosing materials, you should consider certain things like the building’s location, shape, and design. Pondhan Scaffolding has over 30 years of experience in scaffolding Manufacturing and Supplying in India, Bangalore. With huge warehouses in Bangalore, you’ll get high-quality scaffold materials at Pondhan Scaffolding! We offer scaffolding materials at an affordable price. The offered range of scaffolding materials is manufactured utilizing premium grade raw material and innovative technology that are handled by diligent personnel. Along with this, our quality experts make sure to inspect the entire process. We have the latest technologies to build & Construct scaffolding materials. It is easy & quick to erect scaffolding accessories and our products are well appreciated due to their high quality and durable life, Contact us now to know more.


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Friday, November 20, 2020

Tips to Prevent Falls and Injury When Working On Scaffolding

One of the main intent of scaffolding is to enable construction workers or tradespeople to get to difficult to reach places so they can perform certain tasks, When scaffolding is well installed and used correctly in the right way, it is a great asset and helpful structure; at the same time it can also present many risks and dangers as a direct result of working at a height. Caution or Danger tape should be used in an attempt to keep people away from risk. There is a possibility to be struck by falling tools, materials, or debris and there is the danger of being close to overhead power lines which could lead to electrocution. The site Supervisor, Manager, and scaffold inspector should take the responsibility that a project site is a safe place to work also every precaution has been taken to reduce the risk that comes with working at a height.

Try to avoid working at a height: Sometimes you can get the job done without having to work at a height and you must assess whether it’s a necessity before work begins as working at a height should be avoided, where possible. This is best by carrying out a comprehensive risk assessment before you start the work to identify the dangers and what decisions need to be put in place to reduce risks. If there is an alternative method available, or the risk is far too high, then working at height should not go ahead.

Inspect your scaffolding: Scaffolding inspection is important and should be carried out immediately after the scaffolding has been erected and before any work is carried out on it to ensure that it is safe, and then weekly thereafter. A thorough inspection will identify any weaknesses or dangers in the structure. Before erecting the scaffold, a number of aspects must be regarded. The amount of weight the scaffold will be required to hold including the weight of the scaffold itself, materials, and workers must be considered while and before starting the work.

Provide appropriate training to the workers:  All the employees who work on scaffolds must be provided with proper training. The training must include identifying and preventing fall hazards, falling tools and materials hazards, and knowledge of electrical hazards as well. Before commencing the work, all workers should be provided with the appropriate training for working at heights. Doing this can ensure that workers are aware of their responsibilities and the safety measures steps they need to follow to prevent a fall or injury while doing work, as well as being educated on how to properly use the equipment will be protecting them which may include helmets, harnesses, and fall arrest kits.

Keep workspaces arranged neatly: A clean and arranged work environment doesn’t just make working quicker and easier, it can keep workers safer too. scaffolding collapse mainly occurs when there is poor housekeeping across all industries, but particularly in construction where tools, working materials, and debris can often be left laying around which presents a trip hazard. By simply encouraging site workers to arrange up after themselves and keep walkways clear, so Keeping workspaces arranged neatly, you can greatly reduce the risk of an accident.

Assess your surroundings and the environment: Another hazard that can lead to accidents is particularly when strong winds, blowing materials, and debris off scaffolding and onto the ground. Therefore, any work from a height should be stopped when there is dangerous weather expected, including strong winds, heavy rain, thunderstorms, and snow. It is also common for those working at height to be disclosed to overhead power lines which present the latent danger of electrocution. This should be completed before work begins, and the danger will be identified in any risk assessment that takes place, it will need to be communicated to the worker so that they are aware of these hazards.

Don’t cut corners: The most important thing is that you should take the time and care to ensure that training, equipment, inspections are all done properly. Don't sacrifice site safety for fast, convenience, or cost, and always take the time to be as thorough as possible, even if it delays the work completion. The safety of workers and site visitors is the most important part of your job so seeking the advice and support of a professional team can also help ensure that falls and injuries are prevented.

Our first and foremost priority is the safety of both our staff, on-site workers, and members of the public.


Pondhan Scaffolding is the leading provider of scaffolding in Bangalore, India. we are experts in designing, manufacturing, and exporting a wide range of scaffolding items which includes Cuplocks. The wide range of products offered by us is Centering Sheets / Column Boxes, Telescopic spans, Adjustable Props, Adjustable Spans, Jacks, Scaffolding Units, Heavy Duty Adjustable Props, and so on. Further, we focus on all kinds of Steel Fabrication and Structural Work.

Our products are manufactured as per the International Standards, which are ISI marked with superior quality raw material and advanced production technology. This helps us in maintaining our place in the industry as a trustworthy manufacturer. For more information on our scaffolding services visit:

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Monday, October 26, 2020

Fall Protection and Scaffolding Safety for Scaffolders

Whether you’re working on a roof or a scaffolding structure, operating from heights is always a risky business. Where workers can suffer severe injuries even falling from only a short distance, the risk of injuries and even death is significantly increased the higher workers operate above ground. 

Consequently, fall protection is an extremely important aspect of scaffolding safety and proper fall protection procedures must be implemented on all construction sites. Still, one of the biggest scaffolding violations is failing to meet fall protection requirements, particularly when erecting or dismantling scaffolding structures. 

Generally, Scaffolders are exposed to fall hazards in the following scenarios:

  • While installation or removal of scaffold planks (internal fall)
  • From the ends or open sides of the scaffold (external fall)
  • While climbing from one lift of the scaffold to the next (climbing fall)

Internal falls The risk of internal falls while erecting a scaffold can be controlled by fully decking each lift. It’s important that workers who erect scaffolding install a full deck of planks at each floor or lift and install planks on the lift or floor above whilst standing on a fully-decked platform. On the opposite hand, workers who dismantle scaffolding must remove planks whilst stand on a fully-decked platform immediately below. This ensures that no workers can suffer from internal falls and every one platform is fully decked to stop any unnecessary delays during a project.

External falls: Controlling the danger of internal falls by fully decking each lift the danger of internal falls while erecting a scaffold is often controlled by fully decking each lift. Handrails should be installed during the erection process where a person or object can fall more than two meters and should remain in position until that part of the scaffold is eventually dismantled. Each scaffold structure should have a risk assessment to determine the feasibility of any given guardrail’s effectiveness with the suggested configuration. 

Climbing falls: The risk of climbing falls for scaffolders gaining access from one lift to the next can be controlled by ensuring that an appropriate access system is in place. This can be done using a stairway or ladder access that is progressively installed while the scaffold is erected, rather than added on at a later stage. Appropriate access systems must be in place to minimize the risk of climbing falls when workers are moving from one lift to the next. Under no circumstances should workers climb the scaffold framework to access the next lift as this puts the worker at great risk of falling from heights. Appropriate access systems should be in the form of a stairway or ladder access that is installed incrementally as the scaffold progresses, as opposed to being added at a later stage.

Fall arrest systems: Where a worker must beat a void or lean out from the scaffold without the protection of a Handrail, safety harnesses must be worn for cover. Always remember that safety harnesses can increase the risk of injury if it is used incorrectly, so all harnesses and lanyards should comply with, be inspected correctly, Implementing appropriate fall protection measures is important to the health and safety of workers.

Why Choose PonDhan Scaffolding?

  • We have been established for over 30 years
  • Our products are manufactured as per the International Standards, which are ISI marked
  • Extremely competitive rates
  • All staff are fully Health & Safety trained
  • Friendly, professional, and reliable service
  • Recommended by previous customers

We at PonDhan Scaffolding provide a wide range of Scaffolding products like Centering Sheets / Column Boxes, Telescopic spans, Adjustable Props, Adjustable Spans, Jacks, Scaffolding Units, Heavy Duty Adjustable Props, and so on. If you are looking for Scaffolding materials for Your Construction needs then contact us now, PonDhan is always there to support you. For more information visit:-

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Saturday, September 26, 2020

PEB Fabrication and Advantages

PEB system is applied for the construction of new and modern Industrial building structures, industrial sheds, Manufacturing Plants, warehouses, commercial buildings, etc.

Usually, PEBs are steel structures. Built-up sections are fabricated to the exact size and requirements of customers. Steel has high strength per unit mass; hence it is used in the construction of structures with large column-free space. The designing of the industrial PEB Shed warehouse includes designing of the structural elements which consist of the principal rater or roof truss, column and column base, purlins, sag rods, tie rods, gantry girder, bracings, etc.

A combination of standard hot-rolled sections, cold-formed sections, profiled sheets, steel rods, etc. are used for the construction of Industrial Pre-engineered buildings. The concept of Pre-Engineered Building involves the steel building systems which are predesigned and prefabricated. The basis of the PEB concept lies in providing the section according to the requirement at that spot.

Advantages of PEB – Pre-Engineered Buildings:

  • Construction time: PEB reduces the total construction cost which leads to faster occupancy and early revenue.
  • Lower cost: Saving is accomplished in design, manufacturing, and erection cost.
  • Large clear span: In PEB the buildings can be given up to 90m clear spans which are the important advantage of PEB with column-free space.
  • The flexibility of expansion: PEB can be easily expanded in length by adding additional bays.
  • Quality control: PEB’s are manufactured under controlled conditions depending on the site and customer requirements and hence the quality is best.
  • Low maintenance: PEB’s have high-quality paint systems for facing which gives long durability and low maintenance costs.


We are engaged in providing reliable custom-built fabrication to the clients which involved in the latest technology. We fabricate our design by utilizing a variety of materials. We give the best designs done by professional welders with certification in fabrication. Customized fabrication includes testing, rolling, punching, cutting, bending, welding. The PEB Fabrication provided by us is highly demanded in the market due to their features. The entire work is thoroughly tested on various quality parameters to ensure its safe construction. If you are looking for PEB fabrication at an affordable price with Robust quality then contact us or visit: for information.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Best Quality Scaffolding Solution Is What You Need

Scaffolding is something that’s needed everywhere. Most often seen in construction projects, scaffolding structures, and other constructs can be used for a variety of purposes. It is commonly being used for repair work, to access high objects, for window cleaning tall buildings, and more. Choosing the most relevant form of scaffold structure is a vital stage in the project that you are undertaking.

If you have been looking for Best Scaffolding Companies in Bangalore, then you should be looking at our services for good and feasible reasons. Pondhan Scaffolding is known for offering better and safer solutions.


We understand the needs: Whether if you are looking for Scaffolding on Hire in Bangalore or to buy it, you can get the right ones with us because we know and understand the exact needs of our clients. Since we are specialists in this business, we make sure that we understand the market needs and that comes through our experience.

When it comes to scaffolding, the importance of safety becomes a vital aspect and we do that quite well.

We are reliable because you can get the scaffoldings whenever you need them. We believe in giving a quick service because that is what all the clients are looking for ideally

When it comes to the cost of the scaffolding, you will find the cost of the scaffolding service is better than the many companies that offer the same service to you. We offer safe and better scaffolding service at a good rate and we always achieve that

If you are looking for the Best / Top Scaffolding Manufacturers and suppliers in India / Bangalore, then you cannot find a better company than us. All you need to do is to get the scaffoldings from us for your needs and we are sure, you would love it.


Pondhan Scaffolding provides a broad range of scaffolding material on hire, sale, and manufacturers in Bangalore. We are one of the best scaffolding manufacturers in Bangalore. Our range of products includes Adjustable Spans, H Frame Scaffolding, Scaffolding Accessories, Cup lock Scaffolding, and Shuttering Materials. 

For more information visit:-

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Sunday, July 26, 2020

What is the difference between HR & HRPO sheet?

As the name implies, hot rolled steel is the different shapes converted from services (infants like slab, bloom, billets) after passing between rolls in the red hot condition normally at a temperature above which plastic properties are achieved and rolled shape becomes permanent, the cold-rolled sheet is the sheet (categorized as a flat product) rolled at ambient temperature under heavy roll pressure and high pulling tension at the entry side and exit side of reduction mill, this process gives a longitudinal increase of the length of input material. The hot rolled steel or HR steel is softer and has lower strength as compared to HRPO. Hot rolled steel is the most elemental form of carbon steel. However, the scale that is left behind on hot rolled steel after it is formed is undesirable in many manufacturing applications and processes. To fight the scale issue, mills started to pickle and oil their steel to create a more desirable product for end-users.

HRPO steel is now also considered as hot rolled steel even though it does not have any scale. The final product of HRPO steel is created when steel mills use acid baths to remove the scale that usually forms on the surface of the carbon steel coil, as the coil is cooling. Once the coil is bathed in acid, it is “pickled”. The vinegar process consists of suing dried oil to the steel’s surface to prevent from rusting. HRPO flat rolled steel is ideal for plate burning and plasma cutting procedure to manufacture, more precise steel components, and parts out of the HRPO sheet and plate.

Hot Rolled steel

  • Heated above recrystallization temperature.
  • Rolled between rollers.
  • Due to heated at high temperature, its forms easily. But chances of scaling is more. So, it can reduce productivity.
  • Gives more ductility and softness as compared to cold rolled steel.
  •  Pickling is required after rolling for remove scaling.
  • Surface Finnish is not smooth and shiny.
  • Consistent high quality
  • Wide product line-up
  • Wide size range and superior dimensional accuracy
  • The outstanding technical servicing system
HRPO stands for Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled- and it is one way of removing the scale and protecting the raw steel. The pickling part of the process consists of dipping the hot rolled steel in a steaming cauldron of pickle liquor (aka hydrochloric acid) which strips away the mill scale.

HRPO steel is hot rolled steel refined with an acid solution – a technique called pickling – to pull out contaminants and other unwanted elements such as stains and rust created by exposure to oxygen on the steel’s surface. Dipping the steel into tanks of hydrochloric acid causes a
reaction that eliminates these contaminants, called scaling. After the acid is rinsed off and the steel dried, a thin film of oil is applied to prevent rusting. Pickling and oiling make the steel durable, malleable, and cleaner to paint.


  • Good Surface Finish
  • Flatness
  • Weldability
  • High Strength to Weight Ratio
  • Close Dimensional Tolerances


Pondhan Scaffolding offers quality scaffolding systems, as well as scaffold design, project management, and safety training to suit all types of commercial applications. We have manufactured different types of scaffolding for sale or rent. Our products are manufactured as per the International Standards, which are ISI marked with superior quality raw material and advanced production technology. This helps us in maintaining our place in the industry as a trustworthy manufacturer.
Pondhan Scaffolding provides a broad range of scaffolding material on hire, sale, and manufacturers in Bangalore. we are one of the best scaffolding manufacturers in Bangalore. Our range of products includes Adjustable Spans, H Frame Scaffolding, Scaffolding Accessories, Cup lock Scaffolding, and Shuttering Materials.

Friday, June 26, 2020

What is Shuttering Plate or Centering Plate?

Shuttering plates or Centering Plates are normally acted as mold used in the construction industry basically to give the desired shape and size to the structure before the streaming of concrete. They are fitted usually in the sides of supplementing as per the structural size and design maintaining the nominal cover for the structure. They are also called M.S Plate, Steel Plate, Form Work, Farma or Pharma, etc.

                With the use of the best Material a very Durable, Corrosion Resistant, and Sturdy Steel Shuttering Plate can be Made which can be reused many times.spatial reliability of Centering Plate is a must to give a better finish to Slab and Deliver the best finishing. ShutteringPlate/ Centering Plate is better than others that are available because it prevents water Leakage during harden time of Concrete and it provides a proper toughness to Slab. These Shuttering Plates are manufactured and developed various shapes and sizes to meet the requirements of Clients or requirements of Construction the activity going on.
Advantages of using Steel Shuttering Plates.

  • These are watertight do not allow drip of wet concrete during the hardening process, therefore increases the toughness of the slab.
  • Steel forms  Centering Plate are durable and stronger.
  •  Provides uniform and smooth surface finish to the structure.
  • Great reusability.
  • Easy to fix the formwork and also easy to dismantle.
  • They are easy to install and remove therefore ensures a quick construction process.
  • Shuttering Plates are well made but yet lightweight.
  • Shuttering Plates Ensures the Safety of men and Material while working.
  • These can be used horizontally, vertically, or in any other shape as per the requirements of building design.
  • The plates do not narrow.
  • The Concrete surface which is visible after the removal of shuttering plates is very smooth. minimum further finishing is required, therefore it reduces the construction cost.
  • It is long-standing and therefore can be reused many times.                 

    Pondhan scaffolding is one of the best scaffolding manufacturers and suppliers in India, we are offering various patterns and styles of scaffolding. If you are looking for the best quality Shuttering Plate or Centering Plate in Bangalore then contact us or visit for more info.