Thursday, May 30, 2019

Role of scaffolding in Construction Industry

In the construction industry, scaffolding refers to a temporary platform or structure that are erected with the help of wooden planks, bamboo poles or metal frames, on which workers stand or sit while building, repairing, cleaning or attending to other tasks above the ground level. The advancement seen in scaffolding and formwork products has made construction processes both convenient and economical. For example, development and use of lightweight, handheld aluminium formwork have made monolithic concreting a huge success. In urban areas, where space is scarce and demand for housing is high, monolithic construction has emerged as the new age solution to the problem. scaffolding plays a vital role in keeping the workers safe while working on a very high level from the ground.

Scaffolding is a crucial part of almost all construction projects. Scaffolding serves as a skeletal structure surrounding the sides of a building, which provides easy access to different floors without hindering the main entrance. Scaffolding is crossing around high structures during construction or supporting significant loads of building materials.

Whether a project is small or large, scaffolding equipment is always needed as it is the most important construction tool involving the safety of workers. Scaffolding allows employees to navigate safely around tall structures, thus creating a secure workplace. Types of formwork available today include traditional timber formwork, re-usable formwork, engineered formwork, permanent insulated formwork, precast concrete or fibreglass form that is used either independently or in combination.

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