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Fall Protection and Scaffolding Safety for Scaffolders

Whether you’re working on a roof or a scaffolding structure, operating from heights is always a risky business. Where workers can suffer severe injuries even falling from only a short distance, the risk of injuries and even death is significantly increased the higher workers operate above ground. 

Consequently, fall protection is an extremely important aspect of scaffolding safety and proper fall protection procedures must be implemented on all construction sites. Still, one of the biggest scaffolding violations is failing to meet fall protection requirements, particularly when erecting or dismantling scaffolding structures. 

Generally, Scaffolders are exposed to fall hazards in the following scenarios:

  • While installation or removal of scaffold planks (internal fall)
  • From the ends or open sides of the scaffold (external fall)
  • While climbing from one lift of the scaffold to the next (climbing fall)

Internal falls The risk of internal falls while erecting a scaffold can be controlled by fully decking each lift. It’s important that workers who erect scaffolding install a full deck of planks at each floor or lift and install planks on the lift or floor above whilst standing on a fully-decked platform. On the opposite hand, workers who dismantle scaffolding must remove planks whilst stand on a fully-decked platform immediately below. This ensures that no workers can suffer from internal falls and every one platform is fully decked to stop any unnecessary delays during a project.

External falls: Controlling the danger of internal falls by fully decking each lift the danger of internal falls while erecting a scaffold is often controlled by fully decking each lift. Handrails should be installed during the erection process where a person or object can fall more than two meters and should remain in position until that part of the scaffold is eventually dismantled. Each scaffold structure should have a risk assessment to determine the feasibility of any given guardrail’s effectiveness with the suggested configuration. 

Climbing falls: The risk of climbing falls for scaffolders gaining access from one lift to the next can be controlled by ensuring that an appropriate access system is in place. This can be done using a stairway or ladder access that is progressively installed while the scaffold is erected, rather than added on at a later stage. Appropriate access systems must be in place to minimize the risk of climbing falls when workers are moving from one lift to the next. Under no circumstances should workers climb the scaffold framework to access the next lift as this puts the worker at great risk of falling from heights. Appropriate access systems should be in the form of a stairway or ladder access that is installed incrementally as the scaffold progresses, as opposed to being added at a later stage.

Fall arrest systems: Where a worker must beat a void or lean out from the scaffold without the protection of a Handrail, safety harnesses must be worn for cover. Always remember that safety harnesses can increase the risk of injury if it is used incorrectly, so all harnesses and lanyards should comply with, be inspected correctly, Implementing appropriate fall protection measures is important to the health and safety of workers.

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