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Best Quality Scaffolding Solution Is What You Need

Scaffolding is something that’s needed everywhere. Most often seen in construction projects, scaffolding structures, and other constructs can be used for a variety of purposes. It is commonly being used for repair work, to access high objects, for window cleaning tall buildings, and more. Choosing the most relevant form of scaffold structure is a vital stage in the project that you are undertaking.

If you have been looking for Best Scaffolding Companies in Bangalore, then you should be looking at our services for good and feasible reasons. Pondhan Scaffolding is known for offering better and safer solutions.


We understand the needs: Whether if you are looking for Scaffolding on Hire in Bangalore or to buy it, you can get the right ones with us because we know and understand the exact needs of our clients. Since we are specialists in this business, we make sure that we understand the market needs and that comes through our experience.

When it comes to scaffolding, the importance of safety becomes a vital aspect and we do that quite well.

We are reliable because you can get the scaffoldings whenever you need them. We believe in giving a quick service because that is what all the clients are looking for ideally

When it comes to the cost of the scaffolding, you will find the cost of the scaffolding service is better than the many companies that offer the same service to you. We offer safe and better scaffolding service at a good rate and we always achieve that

If you are looking for the Best / Top Scaffolding Manufacturers and suppliers in India / Bangalore, then you cannot find a better company than us. All you need to do is to get the scaffoldings from us for your needs and we are sure, you would love it.


Pondhan Scaffolding provides a broad range of scaffolding material on hire, sale, and manufacturers in Bangalore. We are one of the best scaffolding manufacturers in Bangalore. Our range of products includes Adjustable Spans, H Frame Scaffolding, Scaffolding Accessories, Cup lock Scaffolding, and Shuttering Materials. 

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Sunday, July 26, 2020

What is the difference between HR & HRPO sheet?

As the name implies, hot rolled steel is the different shapes converted from services (infants like slab, bloom, billets) after passing between rolls in the red hot condition normally at a temperature above which plastic properties are achieved and rolled shape becomes permanent, the cold-rolled sheet is the sheet (categorized as a flat product) rolled at ambient temperature under heavy roll pressure and high pulling tension at the entry side and exit side of reduction mill, this process gives a longitudinal increase of the length of input material. The hot rolled steel or HR steel is softer and has lower strength as compared to HRPO. Hot rolled steel is the most elemental form of carbon steel. However, the scale that is left behind on hot rolled steel after it is formed is undesirable in many manufacturing applications and processes. To fight the scale issue, mills started to pickle and oil their steel to create a more desirable product for end-users.

HRPO steel is now also considered as hot rolled steel even though it does not have any scale. The final product of HRPO steel is created when steel mills use acid baths to remove the scale that usually forms on the surface of the carbon steel coil, as the coil is cooling. Once the coil is bathed in acid, it is “pickled”. The vinegar process consists of suing dried oil to the steel’s surface to prevent from rusting. HRPO flat rolled steel is ideal for plate burning and plasma cutting procedure to manufacture, more precise steel components, and parts out of the HRPO sheet and plate.

Hot Rolled steel

  • Heated above recrystallization temperature.
  • Rolled between rollers.
  • Due to heated at high temperature, its forms easily. But chances of scaling is more. So, it can reduce productivity.
  • Gives more ductility and softness as compared to cold rolled steel.
  •  Pickling is required after rolling for remove scaling.
  • Surface Finnish is not smooth and shiny.
  • Consistent high quality
  • Wide product line-up
  • Wide size range and superior dimensional accuracy
  • The outstanding technical servicing system
HRPO stands for Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled- and it is one way of removing the scale and protecting the raw steel. The pickling part of the process consists of dipping the hot rolled steel in a steaming cauldron of pickle liquor (aka hydrochloric acid) which strips away the mill scale.

HRPO steel is hot rolled steel refined with an acid solution – a technique called pickling – to pull out contaminants and other unwanted elements such as stains and rust created by exposure to oxygen on the steel’s surface. Dipping the steel into tanks of hydrochloric acid causes a
reaction that eliminates these contaminants, called scaling. After the acid is rinsed off and the steel dried, a thin film of oil is applied to prevent rusting. Pickling and oiling make the steel durable, malleable, and cleaner to paint.


  • Good Surface Finish
  • Flatness
  • Weldability
  • High Strength to Weight Ratio
  • Close Dimensional Tolerances


Pondhan Scaffolding offers quality scaffolding systems, as well as scaffold design, project management, and safety training to suit all types of commercial applications. We have manufactured different types of scaffolding for sale or rent. Our products are manufactured as per the International Standards, which are ISI marked with superior quality raw material and advanced production technology. This helps us in maintaining our place in the industry as a trustworthy manufacturer.
Pondhan Scaffolding provides a broad range of scaffolding material on hire, sale, and manufacturers in Bangalore. we are one of the best scaffolding manufacturers in Bangalore. Our range of products includes Adjustable Spans, H Frame Scaffolding, Scaffolding Accessories, Cup lock Scaffolding, and Shuttering Materials.

Friday, June 26, 2020

What is Shuttering Plate or Centering Plate?

Shuttering plates or Centering Plates are normally acted as mold used in the construction industry basically to give the desired shape and size to the structure before the streaming of concrete. They are fitted usually in the sides of supplementing as per the structural size and design maintaining the nominal cover for the structure. They are also called M.S Plate, Steel Plate, Form Work, Farma or Pharma, etc.

                With the use of the best Material a very Durable, Corrosion Resistant, and Sturdy Steel Shuttering Plate can be Made which can be reused many times.spatial reliability of Centering Plate is a must to give a better finish to Slab and Deliver the best finishing. ShutteringPlate/ Centering Plate is better than others that are available because it prevents water Leakage during harden time of Concrete and it provides a proper toughness to Slab. These Shuttering Plates are manufactured and developed various shapes and sizes to meet the requirements of Clients or requirements of Construction the activity going on.
Advantages of using Steel Shuttering Plates.

  • These are watertight do not allow drip of wet concrete during the hardening process, therefore increases the toughness of the slab.
  • Steel forms  Centering Plate are durable and stronger.
  •  Provides uniform and smooth surface finish to the structure.
  • Great reusability.
  • Easy to fix the formwork and also easy to dismantle.
  • They are easy to install and remove therefore ensures a quick construction process.
  • Shuttering Plates are well made but yet lightweight.
  • Shuttering Plates Ensures the Safety of men and Material while working.
  • These can be used horizontally, vertically, or in any other shape as per the requirements of building design.
  • The plates do not narrow.
  • The Concrete surface which is visible after the removal of shuttering plates is very smooth. minimum further finishing is required, therefore it reduces the construction cost.
  • It is long-standing and therefore can be reused many times.                 

    Pondhan scaffolding is one of the best scaffolding manufacturers and suppliers in India, we are offering various patterns and styles of scaffolding. If you are looking for the best quality Shuttering Plate or Centering Plate in Bangalore then contact us or visit for more info.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Why is scaffolding so useful?

Scaffolding is a regular sight in many towns and cities where construction work is being carried out, but many people might not realize just what a vital role it has.There are many misapprehension about what scaffolding is for, so this blog will explain three real reasons why it’s used.

what exactly is scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a structure that’s temporarily installed outside a building. It’s often constructed from metal poles and wooden planks and can come in a variety of formations depending on the work being carried out. Workers will be able to stand on the structure for the duration of the project.



Reasons scaffolding is used

Height safety:
When working at any significant level of height, safety is supreme. Scaffolding offers workers a stable base to balance on, as it’s made up of flat areas that are more secure than sloped roofs. Scaffolding also provides handrails for added grip and support, which are ideal should a worker lose their footing. Having a quality scaffolding structure is often safer than simply using a ladder, as even reliable ladders are more prone to moving and instability than a professionally installed scaffolding structure.

More accessible:
Particularly on multi-story buildings, it can be difficult to access the upper floors without scaffolding. Ladders are often not long enough or become dangerous if extended to great heights. With scaffolding, all parts of buildings can be reached easily and workers can move across a wall or move higher up with no added risk. Workers can even access the same areas together, allowing for greater teamwork opportunities.

Effective positioning:
Balancing on a ladder can not only be dangerous but also ineffective. The position construction workers have to hold is often impractical and limits the type of work they can carry out. Scaffolding offers precise positioning, meaning workers can be as close or as far from different areas of the building, allowing them to carry out repairs and other tasks at optimal capacity.


We are one of the Best scaffolding suppliers in Bangalore. If you are looking for Best scaffolding service in Bangalore, then contact Pondhan group who provide quality service at a reasonable price, with international standards and with ISI mark who have 30 years of experience in design manufacture and export, services like manufacture and rental, PEB fabrication, and transport facility.

Friday, April 24, 2020


Fall prevention is one of the most vital sounds in construction safety. Fall prevention pervades so many different areas of construction, including the use of scaffolding and safety. Keep Safety, a global provider of custom components and systems for guardrails, problems, and roof edge protection.
1: Slow down or review efficiency building alternatives:
While the pace of completion of construction work is always vital for projects and budgets, it can also influence neglected and costly mistakes, including gaps in workplace safety. By concentrating on greater efficiency, safety does not have to be understood, according to Keep Safety.

2: Keep your workplace well organized:
The most important thing is to avoid risks of slips while working, trips and falls by keeping the workplace well organized. When working with scaffolding, keeping tools arranged can reduce the risk of tools falling off the scaffold.

3: Identify the danger work:
This is also should be considered before the work begins and while it is working. Identify possible hazards and solutions before starting work. Working near electricity lines, poles? Keep the scaffold base plate far enough to avoid electrical hazards. It is very necessary to move the scaffolding during the project so keep the things far and utilize.

4: Proper training:
Give Proper training in the installation and construction of scaffolding to workers, it can ensure a solid workspace for roofing workers and it ensures a platform that does not inadvertently collapse due to instability.

5: Review the site:
In addition to the above points, continue to review the workplace throughout the construction project to identify any new hazards that may come during work. Being aware of possible dangers can help prevent them from happening. If you are looking for leading scaffolding manufacturer & scaffolding suppliers in Bangalore, Visit Pondhan Scaffolding which is offering various patterns and styles of scaffolding for sale. For Scaffolding Manufacturers, Scaffolding Rental in Bangalore, Scaffolding on Hire, H Frame Scaffolding in Bangalore Contact Pondhan Scaffolding in Bangalore India.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

How do Scaffold Fittings & Accessories help Workers and minimize Building and Construction Operational Costs?

Nowadays scaffolding fittings and accessories provide excellent support to the employees when they are doing their work on business buildings. These scaffold fittings come in handy and may be effortlessly moved from one site to one more. These scaffoldings are normally made by scaffolding suppliers in different grades, dimensions, and sizes. They are generally made use of around office & business locations, non-commercial and university places. Scaffolding FittingsCouplers are the large parts of scaffold fittings that are made use of for standing up two or more items of the framework altogether. They have tiny parts that are normally used for securing the scaffold framework together in diverse commercial as well as commercial areas. In purchase to birth the accurate amount of body weight, these are predominantly designed to support the framework. All these fittings are rigorously examined under suggestions as well as standards, which affirm its accuracy. Generally, the examination is obtained through most of the manufacturing firms for granting its reliability and electrical power. These scaffolding installations are easily used for building functions and they are produced of forged steel and other high quality of uncooked products. These are actually highly in requirement as a result of their distinguishing characteristics as well as extensive applications as well as they're majorly utilized on the building and construction sites. Pick High-Quality Scaffolding Products With The Add-onTo to help the scaffold unit as well as the whole development process effectively, it is critical to pick the greatest scaffolding products and accessories. These are usually those elements that employees make use of for accessing segregated rooms in several property constructions as well as other enterprise zones. Choosing the finest fastenings truly help in shielding all employees and lessen liability for any sort of organization. There are specific things to consider including where the scaffold fittings will be made use of. To work properly, the individual needs to select a robust, as well as top quality, ensured platform. High-quality groundworks are extremely important for the construction job to be effective so buy from Best Scaffolding Accessory Dealers in Bangalore. The functioning platform should additionally meet security needs.



Pondhan Scaffolding Pvt. Ltd.

Customized Fabrication:
We are one of the Best scaffolding suppliers in Bangalore and We are engaged in providing reliable custom-built fabrication to the clients which involved in the latest technology. We fabricate our design by utilizing a variety of materials. We give the best designs done by professional welders with certification in fabrication. Customized fabrication includes testing, rolling, punching, cutting, bending, welding.

Manufacturing And Selling:
Pondhan Scaffolding gives highly customized designs according to the customer need. Our team is specialized in manufacturing a wide range with superior quality and superior techniques. Our services include ending, forming welding, scaffolding material manufacturers, machining. Our services are timely delivered to customers all over the world. We also provide export and manufacture around the globe with superior designs. Our services are charged with reasonably prized and almost policies that satisfy the customers.

Pondhan team provides the qualified services to the customer with standard and strategies which help our clients. For the benefits of the customers, we now provide rental services. One can choose from our services based on their requirement at the best affordable price.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Scaffolding Cuplock Systems

Are you looking for a top-quality cup lock system that meets your industrial requirements? If so then read on the article below and understand the information related to the scaffolding cup lock system.The cuplock systems are highly secured solutions for construction, demolition, maintenance packages and so on. CupLock is made from high standard quality metal that ought to have high tensile strength as well as durability. These are used in many industries and are put to various industrial applications.

What Is Cuplock System?

Cuplock System is a mechanism comprising a unique node point connection that joins four horizontal rods and a single vertical rod sans any wedges, nuts, and bolts. It is a locking device that is made from metal and has two cups. These systems are light weighted materials but come with heavy load carrying capacities.

This locking device remains as one of the widest scaffolding units across the construction sector catty-corners. They are used in different industries for various applications as maintenance and demolition projects. One more thing to be considered is, These systems should ensure security and duly tested by the industry fundamentals to ensure quality supremacy.

The cup lock has dimensional accuracy and renders highly safe, secure and extremely durable. Customers who are looking for quality cup locks can find Pondhan Scaffolding as per the needs and requirements of the customers.

Benefits of Cuplock System

  1. These are easy to install and offer desirable sturdiness.
  2. Easy installation as they use minimal chunk connectors or loose fittings.
  3. These are standard horizontals that are used as guardrails, transoms, and ledgers.
  4. The cuplock system is lifted once then the entire structure resting on it automatically gets lifted.
  5. These are easy and faster to erect than the older scaffolding systems that were used in an assortment of applications.                          

About Pondhan Scaffolding: We are leading Scaffolding Manufacturers in India and Best Scaffolding Suppliers in Bangalore, Our products are manufactured as per the International Standards, which are ISI marked with superior quality raw material and advanced production technology. This helps us in maintaining our place in the industry as a trustworthy manufacturer. we not only provide the best quality products but also assure cost-effective deals. We ensure quick, safe and sound delivery of the product sans any hassles to our customers. If you want Cuplock Scaffolding System in Bangalore, We are providing at a low cost.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Why Choose Good Scaffolding Company?

To have scaffolding is an important part of any construction work or home improvement job. It allows people to work more effectively freely and efficiently  on high elevated areas without worrying much while giving them a place to hold the materials. Nowadays construction projects need the utilization of scaffolding since it makes the work easy and smart. The production of scaffolds has become a very profitable business so people only think of making profits not the best quality so while purchasing or hiring, checking the brand and company is important. Many scaffolding manufacturers have become spending a dozen, they all claim to have the finest scaffolds in the business. If people are looking to purchase scaffolding, then there are a few points they expect from such scaffold manufacturers.

A good scaffolding company in Bangalore will give their clients the best when they hire Best scaffolding in Bangalore. They keep a good track record in producing creative designs for scaffolding systems. The scaffolds should not just be durable but also very easy to set up or install. As time is an important factor in any construction job, it is wise to get scaffolding that takes a short time installing. Most of the scaffolding systems have wheels that give them to be easily moved from different places. Certainly, the strength of the materials used in the scaffold should also be thoroughly checked. Though steel is considered the strongest scaffolding material, it can be very heavy to move around but also durable to resist the weight of the people and materials. Safety should not be compromised and taken lightly. It is also advisable to hire a cuplock scaffolding rental in Bangalore. Thus any interested buyer must demand durable scaffolding. The finest scaffolding employs state of the art technology to improve their quality like robotic welding and laser cutting, assuring that the materials are top-notch quality.

Why Pondhan

Since establishment, we are engaged in offering quality products at cost effective prices and We are one of the Best Scaffolding Suppliers in Bangalore. Our dexterous employees and well-equipped infrastructure help us to fulfill the market need prominently.

Our manufacturing units located at various centers have given a greater store on the creation of ideas and its implementation based on all technical aspects and methods.

Our products are manufactured as per the International Standards, which are ISI marked with superior quality raw material and advanced production technology. This helps us in maintaining our place in the industry as a trustworthy manufacturer. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

How scaffolding is useful for workers

what scaffolding means:

In simple words, scaffolding means temporary structure, support taken by workers while building, cleaning, repairing, etc made up of wooden planks and metal poles.

Scaffolding  is used by many building constructors. They use this to complete their project and it is a tool where large numbers of people use it as a support to do work as well which plays as a safety role of many workers, where it has four anchor points it can be made up of strong and light metals like aluminium that allows easier to balance it's also helpful for workers not to fall from up and get injured, we can define as, it acts as a precautionary steps taken by workers for their safety. Sometimes it can be also called a construction lift.

Advantages of using Scaffolding are like : 

  •  Enables Easy Access
  •  Provides Perfect Balance
  •  Ensures Safety
  •  Boosts Productivity
  •  Offers Easy Assembly and Dismantling
  •  Acts a Bridge

1. It is very easy to access: To exchange things from down to up no matter how big or small the building is, its easy to accept for workers during work.

2. Provides Perfect Balance: It provides balance for workers while working and it acts as strong support for ceiling and new things fixed for some time.

3. Ensures Safety: As mentioned above it ensures safety for workers while doing work at the top of the building.

4 Boosts Productivity: Work can be done quickly without delay with the help of using scaffolding which may lead to getting profits in a shorter period.

5. Offers easy assembly and dismantling: It is very easy to fix and dismantle once the work is completed it does not take more time, it is not only used by local areas it is widely used all over the world as it also plays an important role for constructing buildings, Scaffolding is essential for both progress and safety, without it work could not be done out above shoulder height (even a board on a few blocks is a basic scaffold. scaffolding provides safe (as long as it is correctly erected) working platforms, for both labour and mate it plays a vital role all of the construction.

If you are looking for Best scaffolding service in Bangalore, then contact Pondhan group who provide quality service at a reasonable price, with international standards and with ISI mark who have 30 years of experience in design manufacture and export, services like manufacture and rental, PEB fabrication and transport facility.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Best Transport Service Providers in Bangalore

Whether you are moving to a new city or in another location within the city, you would need someone who can safely deliver your belongings to the destination.

Transporting goods from point to point is not easy but you can make your job easy and stress-free by taking services from the best transportation company.

In addition to that, your primary concern is that your goods/stuff must be handled carefully and reach the destination safely.

Nowadays customers need more credibility before they hire any transportation service. To meet the customer requirements more facilities are added to the basic services like:

Technology Platform
Customers can track their goods through GPS while they are being transported powered by Mobile Apps that drives efficiency, improves productivity and enhances reliability of both Driver-partners and Customers.

Hire Credible Drivers
Hire Drivers who are professionally trained with background verified and goods are transported safely with Insurance cover

Book Services Online

Allow customers to place the order on the App or Phone Call, customers receive timely alerts, real-time vehicle monitoring and automated Invoice in their Inbox.

Industrial Goods Shipment
From Manufacturing to Packaging & Engineering industries having shipments to other Industrial areas.

Cost-Effective Solution

The cost depends on factors like the size and weight of the goods to be transported and the distance to be covered.

Why you have to choose Pondhan Transport?

  • Moving goods safely over distances within a stipulated time
  • We cater Reliable commercial needs of transportation services. 
  • We provide loading and unloading services in addition to safely transporting your goods to the desired location.
  • Well equipped and well-maintained vehicles equipped with GPS tracking
  • Safety assured with proper packing provision to avoid material damage
  • Quick service both locally and nation wise. Our services are available in Karnataka, TN, AP, Kerala, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, MP, Delhi, East India, etc with 24*7 assistance
  • Background check for drivers with police verification.
  • Services include affordable prices and savings to our customers
  • We are keen on our team Performance. You always get a response for service related questions
  • We work on customer feedback and try to improve in all aspects.

Click and Book Pondhan Transport for best Transportation Service who are specialised in professional transport services across India.We would be glad to partner with you on your transport needs.

Best Quality Scaffolding Solution Is What You Need

Scaffolding is something that’s needed everywhere. Most often seen in construction projects, scaffolding structures, and other constructs c...