Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Best Scaffolding Manufacturers in Bangalore

Pondhan Scaffolding Services is one of India’s most reputable scaffolding companies. We are faithful to continuously achieve the best safety standards, and also providing best quality scaffolding suppliers in Bangalore and products to customers and to only employing highly qualified, knowledgeable and experienced scaffolding operators and employee. 

Pondhan Scaffolding operates all over India, We have many scaffolding subdivisions that can work together and/or personally to supply to a vast number of access needs such as Emergency Scaffolds, Security Sensitive Scaffolds, Noise Containment, Temporary Roofs, Demolition, Refurbishments, New Builds and Confined Space scaffolding. It is Professional in providing scaffolding in a variety of many locations such as airport area, railway station. Metro station, underground, industrialist area, and listed buildings, commercial buildings. 

Pondhan scaffolding manufacturers & suppliers in Bangalore are committed to providing original supportable and safe, access, safeguard and support solutions – on any scale to the industry. our advanced scaffolding systems are regularly checked and kept in ‘as new’ condition, make sure every customer of ours experienced a high-quality, reliable product that we would be happy to use ourselves. 

Our residential scaffolding services are perfect for house builds of all sizes, allowing the customer a flexible package to ensure they receive the exact scaffolding structure they need to undertake the construction or restoration of a property with the highest levels of safety and ease. 

we serve a large range of commercial Best scaffolding accessories Dealers in Bangalore from smaller projects to huge long-term developments. With no restrictions on size (no matter how big OR small) you can be sure that we have a safe, reliable and modern scaffolding system available to help with your project or building development. 

Why Choose Pondhan For Scaffolding Services? 

Pondhan honestly cares about the safety of all operatives, users, and public. It has the capacity in diverse areas of industries and job nature. Our staff is fully equipped with knowledge and experience to make sure the customer projects run smoothly and efficiently. 

Pondhan has a wide range of commercial scaffolding Manufacturer in Bangalore and provides services to your needs and requirements are met. visit our website today www.pondhan.com to get the Best Scaffolding Services! 

Friday, July 26, 2019

Role of Safety in the Construction Industry

The construction industry is one of the most hazardous industry which is prone to accidents. A large number of accidents take place every year in the country due to negligence from the contractors' side. Under the Building and Other Construction Workers (Regulations of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, 1996 there is the provision of the safe measures of access to and the safety of, any working place, which also includes the provision of erection of appropriate scaffolding at various stages when work cannot be safely completed from the ground or some unit of a building or a ladder or such other means of support. 

The Construction workers take in charge for several on-site works like take out debris, erecting scaffolding, loading and unloading building materials, and assisting with operating heavy equipment. They are the one without whom the completion of work can't be guaranteed. Sometimes they need to perform such a task where their life is at stake. But just to earn money and sustain their life they get involved in such dangerous activities without thinking about what will happen.

So employers should also understand their importance and should think about employing all such safeguards which can help them to perform their task with ease and without fear. Installation of Safe scaffolding at Construction sites is one such measure which can prevent and save the life of Workers from unwarranted accidents.Everyone's life is precious and every suitable step to be taken to protect them.

Through hiring the service and the support of an expert team who specialises in design, erection, and installation of Scaffolds prove to help get the work done according to industrial requirements and specifications. 

How does our team work?

With our technology, Quality driven approach and ethical working standards, we have an expertise in designing, manufacturing, and exporting a wide range of scaffolding items which includes Cup locks.

We provide Centering Sheets / Column Boxes, Telescopic spans, Adjustable Props, Jacks, Scaffolding Units, Heavy Duty Adjustable Props and so on. Additionally, we concentrate on all kinds of Steel Fabrication and Structural Work. 

Our products are manufactured as per the International Standards, superior quality raw material, and advanced production technology. This helps us in maintaining our place in the industry as a trustworthy scaffolding manufacturer in bangalore check our products & services visit our website : www.pondhan.com

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Importance of Scaffolding in Every Day Life

The importance of scaffolding is now plays a vital role in all industry.In this blog ,We discussed about the how the scaffolding helps to get make your work easier.

Construction Industry

Scaffolding continues to be an indispensable tool of the construction industry. There are other alternatives as well for Construction Industry such as heavy-duty cranes and expandable ladders but still, Scaffolding continues to be cheaper, safer, and quicker. The significance of scaffolding is that it’s not limited by height restrictions, as long as you make sure it is properly secured.

Cleaning & Renovations

 Once the construction work is completed the scaffolding may come down, but there is no doubt that it will be required in the future to complete renovations or specialist cleaning jobs. In addition, if you ever need to clean windows and where rope access is not an option, or you need to paint the outside of difficult-to-access buildings, scaffolding is the one way to opt.

Camera & Lighting at Events 

Scaffolding is also required for sports events to place speakers, lighting and even the odd Go-Go dancer. Scaffolding is also used for building ramps for ski events or stunt drivers doing ridiculous jumps over multiple busses or huge ravines. This scaffolding needs to be expertly built and tested for safety purpose. These structures have also been used to build temporary bridges for various events that require a large amount of traffic to cross a river or enter a stadium.

Temporary Seating 

Scaffolding is regularly put up at events for extensive seating for large crowds of people. Temporary seating you see at games events, such as a hockey or football game is a prime example of how scaffolding is used for seating at events.


 Scaffolding can also be used to give your advertising a boost: improving your reach and the number of leads and conversions you generate for your business. Putting up posters on a scaffolding structure offers the advertiser excellent visibility for advertising their products. This would probably be a temporary measure for the outside of a stadium or at the start of events.

Scaffolding has been around for a long time and will continue to be in use for the foreseeable future. Next time when you are a part of any event or passing a building under construction – take a closer look at the web of poles making simple, yet complex and useful, structures.

If you are in need of some scaffolding you want to deal with a company that knows what they are doing and have done hundreds of jobs in the past. Contact Pondhan Scaffolding for a professional and knowledgeable team who can handle the simplest and most complex scaffolding job.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Role of scaffolding in Construction Industry

In the construction industry, scaffolding refers to a temporary platform or structure that are erected with the help of wooden planks, bamboo poles or metal frames, on which workers stand or sit while building, repairing, cleaning or attending to other tasks above the ground level. The advancement seen in scaffolding and formwork products has made construction processes both convenient and economical. For example, development and use of lightweight, handheld aluminium formwork have made monolithic concreting a huge success. In urban areas, where space is scarce and demand for housing is high, monolithic construction has emerged as the new age solution to the problem. scaffolding plays a vital role in keeping the workers safe while working on a very high level from the ground.

Scaffolding is a crucial part of almost all construction projects. Scaffolding serves as a skeletal structure surrounding the sides of a building, which provides easy access to different floors without hindering the main entrance. Scaffolding is crossing around high structures during construction or supporting significant loads of building materials.

Whether a project is small or large, scaffolding equipment is always needed as it is the most important construction tool involving the safety of workers. Scaffolding allows employees to navigate safely around tall structures, thus creating a secure workplace. Types of formwork available today include traditional timber formwork, re-usable formwork, engineered formwork, permanent insulated formwork, precast concrete or fibreglass form that is used either independently or in combination.

Pondhan Scaffolding has over 30 years of industry experience and we deliver complete scaffolding services in Bangalore. We offer a safe, value for money service, we undertake projects of all descriptions ranging from temporary roof systems to complete new build projects. We take on contracts of any size and We feel very proud ourselves on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. Contact us on +91 9900069150 & visit us at www.pondhan.com to know more about the services we offer.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Manual for Buyer to get Quality Scaffolding

The establishment of the platform is essential to the support and development of a structure. Be that as it may, raising scaffolding on your building site must experience the tenets and guidelines and well being prerequisites. Before acquiring a specific scaffolding you have to realise what work you require and think about your assessed spending plan? Will your task comprise of a solitary story fabricating or will it have different dimensions? What is the plan of the structure under development or fix? Furthermore, to what extent do you figure you will require the platform? Also, it is essential you use the platform of value, make a point not to put cost before security. 

To guarantee that you procure exclusive expectation scaffolding hardware, there are sure things you should think about first: 

Supplier’s reputation 

How many years had the Supplier been in the business? Do they have a site that represents their items and the administrations they offer? There are many platform providers and it might create the impression that they offer comparable administrations yet it pays to do some examination into their insight and experience before you focus on a choice. 

Sticking to the standards 

Never continue with the buy without approving first that there are appropriate well being highlights set up and make exact inquiries to affirm that the majority of the principles are being satisfied by the producer 

High-quality and durable scaffolding materials 

Search for materials that are strong and lasting, never disregard the unwavering quality and strength of the materials you need don't be tricked by the most reduced value choice as it is probably going to finish in included use over the long haul. 

Guarantee specialised help 

 After ensuring all the bases are covered, remember to inspect the materials when they arrive on site and make sure they are properly marked, the correct size, and have a good quality finish. We provide scaffolding rental services in Bangalore and scaffolding for sale in Bangalore. choose your need, we supply according to your wish visit us @ http://www.pondhan.com/cuplock-scaffolding-system-bangalore.html 

Friday, March 29, 2019

Scaffolding : Should you Rent or Buy ?

What Buy ? and What to rent? Settling on choices can be hard here and there. For instance, if one buys a thing that should be used by him for a long period which is worth buying but for short period renting sounds good, choosing in the event that you should purchase or lease scaffolding equipment. How would you know what approach to go? In the event that you lease, at that point yes it could be less expensive. In such a case that you have it for a really long time, at that point it can get to a point where you should have purchased platform, since now you are paying as much as though you had purchased the stuff, possibly more. 

How are you going to know what approach to go except if you get a thought of the considerable number of preferences and weaknesses that originate from purchasing or leasing platform gear? Indeed, you won't except if you know all that you have to know. At that point, you will feel like you are settling on the correct decision when you pick what way you ought to go when purchasing or leasing platform available to be purchased. 

No stresses since we got you secured! Some tips to be followed while choosing to buy and renting. 

Time : 

Time is the matter and accordingly, you are going to require it for three months or short of what you may need to simply lease. that will keep the cost in control and can be returned once the work is over and paying rent for three months is less compared to buy it. If one is going to have Scaffolding equipment need more than 8-12 months or you plan to do more work with the equipment for different work stages than renting will be costlier and suggest buying it will be the correct choice. 

Storage : 

Scaffolding Equipment requires storage and place to keep when you rent it becomes easier to port and return when work is done and when you buy your financial plan can stand to purchase and you choose that purchasing is a decent path for you, don't do it except if your financial plan can manage the cost of it, otherwise renting is better option Since suppose you may very well have one anticipate you need it for or then again in the event that you need it for various unexpected tasks in comparison to you may very well need to investigate purchasing framework. 

Cost : 

Make sure that your budget can afford what way you choose to go, whether renting or buying. If your budget can afford to buy and you decide that buying is a good way for you and your team to go, then go for it. However, don’t do it unless your budget can afford it, because you still have lots more to do. All you have to do is check your budget and decide if you should buy or if renting might be better. Because let’s say you might just have one project you need it for. Or if you need it for a number of different projects than you might just want to look into buying scaffolding. 

We have provide scaffolding rental services in Bangalore and scaffolding for sale in Bangalore.choose your need,we supply according to your wish visit us @ http://www.pondhan.com/cuplock-scaffolding-system-bangalore.html

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Need of Scaffolding in Residential Building

Different kinds of scaffolding options are used for construction today. Distinctive platforms give construction works the protective work environment with their building materials. Scaffolding is utilized to guarantee the security of everybody who works on the construction site.

Scaffolding should be basically collected, revamped, moved and disassembled in the process of construction work. This ought to be a different piece of the building site groups, as investigations should be done day by day, yet additionally after any alterations are done to the scaffolding. These investigations are done to guarantee the security, backing, and solidness of the scaffolding for workers. Damage to scaffolding should be fixed routinely when any work proceeds with every day. Scaffolding upkeep is a fundamental piece of any well-run building site support. This is genuine regardless of what sort of scaffolding configuration is being utilized by a construction team and the business directing their work.

Taking everything into account, while picking between the different platform choices for residential construction, it is best to pick the most secure sort for your specialists' needs. This implies picking a sort that offers security, support and can be coordinated inside the building site, yet additionally, be disassembled sensibly simple. Regardless of what platform is picked, it ought to mirror the requirements for laborer well-being and development effectiveness, so everybody can work securely in the learning that their best advantages are being considered. 

Scaffolding is an essential need at any cutting edge development work site and ought to be held to an elevated expectation of value by the general population who make utilization of them. All businesses ought to put resources into the top-notch framework, to guarantee their specialists never get injured at work or need stress over the well-being of their associates on the construction site. Without scaffolding no one could do their day by day work regiment feeling protected and safe, this makes very much designed platform and a fundamental part of all construction work today.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Should I Use Steel Scaffolding Or Aluminum Scaffolding?

Aluminium Scaffolding offers cost effective solution for any application.The most unique feature of this scaffolding is low weight which creates impact in construction works.

Aluminium Scaffolding provides the advantages over steel scaffolding in construction works.


Aluminium Scaffolding is costly when you compare with steel Scaffolding .Aluminium Scaffolding are weight less and easier to transport from one location to another. Scaffolding Erection is tiresome process as scaffolding are very heavy but it is very easy to erect.Aluminium Scaffolding is easy to dismantle and store.

Less Labor Required for Aluminum Scaffolding

Less Labor is required for Aluminium Scaffolding when compared to Steel Scaffolding. It also facilitates less manpower and minimize the risk of injuries and lifting incidences.Cranes is not needed to lift the Aluminium Scaffolding which reduce Crane cost.Smaller Truck is required to transport the Aluminium Scaffolding.

For Instance, When Aluminium Scaffolding is used it require only two men to erect and dismantle it whereas Steel Scaffolding requires four men to erect and dismantle it.

Aluminium Scaffolding has Multiple Benefits

1)Span Scaffolding facilitates rolling towers which can be erected without using any tools.

2)Stairwell Scaffolding provides the base level that are designed to stair use.

3)Folding base Scaffolds provide instant base.

Aluminium Scaffolding last longer

In any case Aluminium Scaffolding gets scratched,it form an oxidised layer to protect the inner core.This layer helps to prevent the metal underneath from getting exposed to Air and Oxygen thus Aluminium Scaffolding won't rust.

Aluminium Scaffolding won't chip even after so much of usage and exposed to the elements.Aluminium is known for its resilient nature which results it to be more durable and last longer.

Easy Installation

Scaffolding created out of aluminium is less complicated to set up, and conjointly goes up quickly than scaffolding created out of steel. Aluminium scaffolding comes equipped with high strength casters creating installation quick and fast. Its building blocks combination style typically does not need any quite installation tools.

Because they're very easy to assemble and take apart, construction staff will get from one site to a different site with nominal period.

Steel Scaffolding

Scaffolding which are made up of Aluminium is easier to set up in general, and it can be equipped with high strength casters.It can be installed easily and fast.The building blocks combination design doesn't need any kind of installation tools.It can be transfer from one site to another with minimal time by construction workers.

A steel system project sometimes wants a bolt and clamp along, although attachment conjointly can be utilized in many cases. a degree to be noted is that it's designed specified it is reused. additionally it includes safety lines, decking together with different provides specified it's straightforward and safe to figure with. In things wherever the employers must be operating with electricity, there's a provision for insulation so as to attenuate the chance of any quite electrical shock furthermore.

Steel scaffolding is made by steel tubes that are mounted along by steel couplers or fittings. It's terribly simple to construct or dismantle. it's larger strength, larger sturdiness and better hearth resistance. It's not economical however can provide a lot of safety for employees.

Steel system provides a gentle and firm standing. Steel system will bear the load and therefore the pressure, be it serious rain or intense wind. As a matter of truth, steel are going to be standing as strong as ever even in dire circumstances like that of an earthquake.

If needed, steel has the capability to resist a whole lifetime. compared to different materials, steel system contains a longer sturdiness.

Steel Scaffold can be easily assembled and demolished and it will increase the work potency.

The leftover steel is that the required material that's used for scaffolding. Therefore, it helps to promotes a greener atmosphere.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

What are the Guidelines to choose the Scaffolding System?

When you figure out your essential construction equipment scaffolding is one such product that acts as a platform for workers when working at heights. Scaffolding involves the group of working platforms that facilitate workers to perform the different task from repair workers to painting. Scaffolding is an effective and essential component in construction work.

Categories of Scaffolding Types:

When you start exploring options based on your construction needs you'll find out three basic categories with unique benefits.

Supported Platform Systems:

This is one of the most commonly used scaffolding.It comprises elevated platforms that are made up of either metal or wood. The poles and frames that are connected to the ground give the support to the scaffolding structure.

Suspended Scaffolding:

Suspended platforms are precisely what they sound like they’d be. This scaffolding system comprises of metal or wood platforms as supported scaffolding systems. The platforms get support from ropes that are anchoring them to the height of the building. 

Adjustable Scaffolding:
The adjustable Scaffolding can be lowered or raised by using pulleys or other similar mechanical methods.

The scaffolding type which will be apt for your team will depend on the specifics that are attached to the given location.

There are a wide array of products that fit into a category like base jack, cup lock system, coupler, joint pins and much more. These are designed as per the purpose of providing safety to the workers. The Aluminium and Stainless Steel materials offer more attributes like reliability, durability and long life. The aluminum metal provides strength and is efficient enough to lift heavy loads.

Stainless Steel is also one of the most used materials for manufacturing scaffolding products. The steel is very light in weight and it is exposed to the atmosphere due to that reason.The damage of rust can happen, to overcome this steel scaffolding system are treated with chemicals ensuring long life to the scaffolding products.

Stainless Steel is also one of the most used materials for manufacturing scaffolding products. The steel is very light in weight and it is exposed to the atmosphere due to that reason.The damage of rust can happen, to overcome this steel scaffolding system are treated with chemicals ensuring long life to the scaffolding products.

There are certain things one should keep in mind before purchasing scaffolding products. The first priority is to focus on Quality because the life of workers depends upon this factor.If your key concern is durability and reliability focus on choosing stainless steel.The second concern is focused on the International Guidelines and check for quality products that are important in every stage of development to avoid accidents at construction place. The last thing to keep in mind is cost. Always opt for affordable price products. There is an option to rent Scaffolding products.

Monday, November 26, 2018

How much does quality make a difference in scaffolding products?

In the construction business, the main demand is to find the best quality scaffolding at sensible costs. Obviously, there are different kinds of the scaffolding, each designed to use for the different function. Scaffolding is transitory stages intended to assist the workforce withstanding, and do different tasks that should be done at different stages, as the building is being built. The scaffolding is a necessity in any development condition where well being and security are imperative when working at stages. Scaffolding costs are ordinarily determined based on the quality. Pondhan Scaffolding is one of the best scaffolding dealers in Bangalore.

Better quality scaffolding not just give a higher well being level to both you and others around you yet they can likewise improve the nature of the completed venture. One of the greatest mix-ups in DIY or home building is purchasing low-quality hardware, to attempt and set aside extra cash, anyway these items, for the most part, require successive and irritating fixes, implying that you wind up spending unquestionably more than you would on the off chance that you would have purchased the higher quality equipment. 

We understand that it is very difficult to discover top-quality scaffolding products accessible at a value that is perfect for your necessities and budget. We supply an extensive variety of the most astounding level of scaffolding products to a wide market and we are most glad about our reputation for quality and esteem. We pride ourselves on having the capacity to offer the Indian market the competitive scaffolding around. We stock the best quality Scaffolding Units that fulfill your requirement. What separates our scaffolding units from others available is that our own are produced using the best quality and lightweight. Every scaffolding unit is intended for quick and efficient set-up and break-down.

At Pondhan, we have a broad catalog that incorporates scaffolding and additionally an assortment of different things that are explicitly intended for use in the construction business. These incorporate ordinary and mobile ladders, trolley, and storage equipment thus considerably more. We have taken a very long time to grow dependable associations with our providers, which implies that you approach the most aggressive rates available. It additionally implies that we have buying power, which guarantees you the best quality scaffolding products at most minimal conceivable costs.

We have just achieved a wide market and our items have become well known the nation over, not simply in India. We unequivocally trust that picking the correct item for the activity can have a significant effect on security, productivity and, obviously, meeting venture due dates. Considering these, we guarantee that the majority of our advisers are accomplished on our product range and that they can furnish you with complete guidance and learning on every scaffolding product. When requesting stepping stools, platform, or some other kind of development bolster items from us, you can hope to be completely fulfilled, both at the season of procurement and in the long haul. Pondhan scaffolding won't let you down in terms of Quality!

Pondhan Scaffolding is one such brand that is known as one of the best scaffolding Manufacturers in India. We have an extensive variety of choices for you to look over and our specialists would be enchanted to help you to take the correct decision.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Why Steel Scaffolding is Better than Wood Scaffolding

The scaffolding made of wood frequently brought a few inconveniences. It's not sufficiently strong, or its quality will be influenced effectively by terrible climate. With continuous development of economy and innovation, the steel scaffolding is ending up more famous. While there are still some basic platform made of wood. Truly, steel scaffolding has more favorable circumstances. Additionally, in current circumstance, numerous variables help the complete utilization of steel scaffolding. 

1. Decrease the wasting of valuable tree. 

In the event that the scaffolding primarily made of wood, what will occur? There will be need in tree everywhere throughout the world. Human needs the tree. It will improve a situation for human. On the off chance that the wood is utilized as the essential material for scaffolding, we can't inhale the natural air and we may live in the sand. 

Rather, utilizing the steel will ensure the valuable asset, for there is no squandering or cutting. We may receive the disposed of steel as the crude material for scaffolding. Along these lines may bring us benefits in securing the tree and tackling the issue of waste material. 

2. It's substantially more secure for laborer. 

Truth be told, chipping away at the scaffolding is a kind of risky thing. The threat might be caused by ill-advised task or disgusting structure. The slimy structure is the fundamental factor. Could the slimy structure guarantee the security of laborer? Obviously, it can't. As a matter of fact, steel scaffolding is strong or stable enough to manage the heap or oppose the extreme climate like a substantial breeze. Wood is a sort of encasing. For whatever length of time that you have done the protecting measure like utilizing lightning bar, it likewise guarantees staff against risk. 

3. Steel Scaffolding can be as various structures.

Since the steel scaffolding was put into utilization, it has been outlined into a few sorts of sorts, including cuplock framework, entryway or ringer and nozzle framework. The consistent change will help enhance the security and working productivity. By examination, the structure of wooden scaffolding is substantially easier. In this way, the steel scaffolding can fulfill the market requests well. What's more, this interest is an once in a lifetime opportunity for steel scaffolding providers or producers. 

4. Longer lifetime 

Plainly steel scaffolding has longer life than wooden platform. This is on the grounds that that steel contains a few highlights that wood doesn't have. For example: steel scaffolding can be utilized underneath 250℃; Its better bearing limit will help last its lifetime. 

By difference, the life of wooden scaffolding will be abbreviated by different reasons, similar to the water, high temperature or bug. 

Nonetheless, the greatest fault of steel is that it will rust. On the off chance that you over and over do the counter rust measure, its working life won't be affected severely. 

Scaffolding is the important device in the field of construction and there is no substitute.Of the considerable number of variables recorded over, the steel scaffolding will totally supplant the wooden framework. Both of construction specialists and steel scaffolding producers will profit a great deal.

Best Scaffolding Manufacturers in Bangalore

Pondhan Scaffolding Services is one of India’s most reputable scaffolding companies. We are faithful to continuously achieve the best...